Hey everybody


It’s been another good week here at ACPHS!  This past week, our RA hosted a super bowl party for the 8th floor of Notre Dame (second year housing building).  Each RA hosts several events each semester for their residents and/ or the entire building.  Of course we had pizza and wings to watch the game with, but we also had some contests.  We had a score guessing contest for halftime and the final score.  The prizes for the closest were $10 gift cards to the Recovery Room Sports Grill.  Also, everybody wore some sort of football attire and the best dressed also won a gift card.  We all had a lot of fun watching the game together as the 49ers comeback fell short against the Ravens.


As far as school goes, it seems as though everyone has their first test next week.  For me, it is a physics exam on Thursday.  We thought we would be stuck inside studying today because of winter storm Nemo, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as predicted.  Last night and this morning there were a lot of students outside playing snow football and making snowmen.  Some people even cross country skied around campus!  Spending some time outside and playing indoors with the tennis club today was a great break from schoolwork. 


Stay warm and have a good rest of the weekend!



  • 09 February 2013