Hey, it’s Alex, I hope everyone had a nice week! Here in Albany everyone is getting ready for winter storm Nemo but we will have to wait and see if it is going to be as bad as everyone is saying it will be. 

This week our Women’s Basketball team played against Sage and North Country Community College.  One of my friends goes to Sage and is their assistant coach.  We were on the same basketball team since third grade so it was weird to be on opposite benches.  We pulled out the win but it was a really good game.  After our win yesterday we went to 15-3 on the season.  We’re supposed to have 2 more games this weekend but that all depends on the weather because the team tomorrow is supposed to be coming from New Hampshire.

If we do get a ton of snow I will probably spend my weekend watching college basketball and studying.  I have my first test of the semester next week which will ensure that I’m really back into the swing of things. 

I hope you all stay safe and warm if you’re going to get the snow storm!


  • 08 February 2013