Hey guys!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I certainly did with all the activities available to us. Sunday our school ski/snowboard club had a trip to Whiteface Mountain for a discounted price and the bus ride was included. They enjoyed a day full of powder and wonderful riding just a short ride north in Lake Placid. This happened to be one of the mountains I usually go skiing at with my friends from home!

Friday night students were able to enjoy a pre-released showing of the newest Twilight movie in our school’s Student Center. This is available most Friday nights and usually the more popular new releases are being shown. This is a great opportunity to grab a couple friends, make some popcorn, and enjoy a movie on the big screen in the lecture hall.

For all of you who applied to the school, watch out for your acceptence letters in the mail. We, student ambassadors, have already began the telecounseling nights and have had some great phone converstaions with perspective new students! I for one had some great conversations with some of our Bachelor’s students when I called to congratulate them! They all seemed very excited and said they looked forward to our upcoming Accepted Students Days!

Have a good week everyone!


  • 05 February 2013