Hey Guys!

The first week of classes are finished and we are working on our second week of the second semester. The past week has been full of adjusting to new classes, figuring out a new time management schedule, and catching up with friends I haven’t seen in a month and a half (which was way too long without my second family!). One of my friends was telling me about her trip to Belize over break which she took with the college. This trip was offered after taking the class on Belize the first semester of this year. While there students were able to run medical clinics and recieve hours towards the required amount needed for PA and medical school they want to attend. This is a great opportunity for Bachelor’s stduents here at ACPHS. The fourth year Bachelor’s students in the Health and Human Sciences program were able to recieve IPPE in Patient Assessment credit. This semester there is a class and a trip to Senegal offered where students can experience the cultures, customs, and healthcare in Senegal. These are just a couple of the many opportunities students at ACPHS have to travel and experience healthcare in a new culture. It is a great opportunity!

I hope everyone is having a good beginning to the new year!


  • 29 January 2013