Hey Guys!

It’s Alex again.  I’m currently two thirds done with finals week, and it sure is flying by.  On Monday I had my genitourinary final and today I had my neuro final.  I now have a little break until my last final (pharmacoeconomics) on Thursday morning.  I can’t wait to be home with my friends and family on Friday.  Once I get home I’ve already made some plans to finish up some Christmas shopping and then have our annual country club Christmas party on Saturday.  Also while I’m home, I’m hoping to be able to work because I will be leaving for Costa Rica the day after Christmas.  I can’t wait to start our journey to Costa Rica! It is a three credit course through school where we get the opportunity to travel all over Costa Rica and experience a different way of life that we are used to.  I will keep you updated while I’m there for two weeks if I have access to the internet.  I hope everyone has a great holiday season!


  • 11 December 2012